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File extension 3G2 is used by 3rd Generation Partnership Project 2 standard files. These files contain audio-video data that is encoded by a modified version of MPEG-4 Part 14 container format. Modifications were done to simplify the format for the purpose of optimal transfer of multimedia data over 3G mobile networks. 3G2 files are particularly optimized for CDMA-based networks. .File extension 3gp files us similar container format except that it's optimized for GSM-based networks. 3G2 files use H.263 or MPEG-4 algorithms for video compression and AAC or AMR for compressing audio-streams.

Most modern phone support at least playback of 3G2 files and many support recording them. There are many programs that play these files on PC including but not limited to: MPlayer, VLC media player, QuickTime, Media Player Classic etc.

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